Like you’re constantly living paycheck-to-paycheck or drowning in debt, despite your hard work? That it’s an endless climb out, and you can’t reach the top?

Let me ask another question, how important it is to be intentional when taking control of your finances?

Because when you’re not, your wallet ends up looking like this…

Financial crises destroy families and individuals of all walks and there’s too much to life to be living like this as it’s a common experience; regardless of today’s economic conditions.

All too often I see individuals continue to make these mistakes… Before they even start or get too deeply involved...they get their head in the clouds with JUST planning or aimlessly taking blind action. All without a good sense of direction.

More important than anything else?

Financial Clarity!

To be successful at anything you must learn how to dominate using your strengths and capabilities.

Sure, you can decide to invest your time somewhere else but remember, you are in control of your life and your future and nobody else will ever care more about your financial situation more than you.

It’s time to get educated! 🏫

So Who Is This Guy?


One day when I was sitting behind my computer in my cube at work I asked myself, how am I going to live out my dream when I'm living behind this screen!? I started asking deep questions and at that point things changed, and it was when my dreams started becoming reality.

I live a pretty unconventional lifestyle. I've tried a lot of different things, put myself in crazy experiences, and constantly challenge myself to become comfortable being uncomfortable.

Doing so I began to realize I was living what I've termed a lifetime in a year. Somehow in a years time I was able to do and experience more than someone who had way more resources and time than me.

However, it wasn’t always like this... I graduated with very limited resources and struggled with being able to enjoy life due to being paid a low salary early-on in my career. Until, I starting applying my skills and was able to utilize them to be resourceful.

I then was able to climb the ladder in just a few years and aggressively establish a lifestyle that resulted in being able to turn the financial situation in companies around and the lives of many individuals I’ve touched.

I started MTFC with one sole mission in mind, to provide the simplest path towards financial freedom possible. A world where financial freedom is no longer a privilege and can be obtained by all who desire it.

I'm going to be straight honest with you. I'm not some millionaire internet education guru. I live in an apartment with 3 roommates, drive a 2013 Hyundai accent, and live well below my means. My lifestyle isn't lavish, but it's low cost and very comfortable and most importantly I want to help others learn the same.

But there is one difference, I learned how to become financially free on way less resources and work than the other guys claim. I was able to quit my job, take off a month to road trip to the other side of the country and start a new life in Los Angeles without one worry. I'm free, not owned by a job or corporation. I sleep till I want, take breaks whenever I please, and can go sit on the beach on a nice sunny day for the whole day and do nothing. To me that's worth more than chasing this dream that you have to become rich and successful to finally start enjoying these things. I chose to start enjoying them today!

Realistically it's a 2 - 3 year process and I can teach you how to get here, and then it becomes way easier to reach the next step if that's your goal.

I don't have tons of free resources to offer, because I know those don't do anything. Regardless of how many free resources, seminars, books, documentaries, I collected and went to nothing made a difference until I started taking action. You need to have skin in the game and those are the only people I want to work with. I don't want to clutter up your inbox or mine. What I do offer is a 30-min free consultation to see if we'd be a good fit.

Look, I've read all the self-help books out there and seen every documentary going. Here's the conclusion I came to about all the big guys. Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Dean Grazosis, Robert Kiosaki. They found a mentor or connected with someone early on that showed them the ropes, and they could use as a resource. They didn't overload themselves with free video courses.

Also, I'm not going to sell you some over priced do it yourself web course. What you get is me, long video calls, my real phone #, and email which you can contact as often and whenever you like.

Look, I know it can be frustrating and annoying to be at that job you hate, unable to build wealth, stuck in debt, or just being lost in no man's zone. Trust me because if anyone knows it's me. I also know what it feels like to have gold in my hands and not do anything with it. This is where accountability comes into play!

I know you feel like you have everything you need with the wide availability of information and tools out there, but are you truly being held accountable to go beyond just consuming the information and actually do something with it?

How badly do you want to gain financial clarity and start building wealth to be the catalyst for your investment towards a fulfilling life of Freedom, Autonomy, and Financial Freedom?

If so, I want to give you the chance to apply to our Climbers Academy.

Hear Directly From Lives We've Impacted!

A program that not only will serve as a one-stop-shop for everything needed to build financial clarity…but one that has a timeline attached with it and an “information overload proof approach system!”

Karina R

“I have had the pleasure of having several financial coaching sessions with Chris. In these sessions I like that Chris begins by exploring ideas about finances, which brings in the perspective and understanding of the human as a whole.

He has been extremely patient and present with my process. I really like that Chris is extremely informed about ways to develop a healthier financial lifestyle.

He works with your own unique situation and is very passionate about sharing what he knows and helping each individual find their own unique road map to fulfill their financial goals.

Chris also sends resources to support your goals. Thank you Chris, for your passion and support.”

Levent C

“Christopher played and still is playing a vital role in helping me set life goals, create a road map to those goals, and then provide me with the tools to achieve that financial clarity required to arrive at the goals I set within the timeline I chose.

It's more than just financial coaching, Christopher shares his perspective of life and introduces a simple yet effective way of living.

Anyone who seeks financial or professional improvement would benefit from attending one of Christopher's Free Initial Consultations.”

This program was designed for someone who is ready to officially Break-Away from their dreadful reality or improve their circumstances through Action!


An inclusive and ongoing service to provide awareness of your current financial circumstances in relation to your goals.

What's Included 🛍️

✔️ Mental Priming and Awareness Building

✔️ Vision Board Analysis

✔️ Side Hustle

✔️ Living Lavish While Being Free

✔️ Bonus Life Hacks & Tips


An actionable, realistic game plan towards your goals while bringing you upward mobility as you climb forward.

What's Included 🛍️

✔️ Personal Budget & Goal Setting Curriculum

✔️ Credit Building & Control Tools

✔️ Peer to Peer Lending Resources

✔️ Personal Financial Statements Analysis

✔️ Consumption Test Analysis


Helping you develop a strategy to allocate and manage your resources strategically to pay down debt and improve your credit while establishing sound financial management.

What's Included 🛍️

✔️ Stock Markets Education

✔️ Cryptocurrencies Training

✔️ Option Trading School

✔️ Forex, Futures, and Commodities Review

✔️ Wealth & Retirement Education

✔️ Life Insurance & Annuities Analysis

✔️ Debt Management Tools

I created this program with a lot of dedication. Therefore, I take it very seriously. After all, it’s your financial well-being we’re creating. I am very selective about whom I bring into this program for a reason, and that is because I only want game changers. People looking to pursue their dreams and build a legacy. I invest in people…. Not Ideas.



More Lives We've Impacted!

Christine B

“I met Chris back in college, we both studied finance. Even then, Chris had a passion for helping people. I graduated college because of Chris’s guidance.

He would always take the time to study with me and teach me the things I didn’t understand. He was my go to guy then for help and he’s still my go guy now for financial education.

Before I came to him I was really struggling to make ends meet and Chris helped me come up with a plan to get my debt in check. His services and resources are invaluable.”

John H

“I have known Chris for nine years now and ever since I met him he has been an invaluable resource. Since we met Chris has already offered a wealth of financial advice that I grateful for. He has a great knack for teaching and spotting financial opportunities where most do not.

He has a background in finance and investing but what he has to teach you is often outside of what you would learn from traditional institutions. Besides being a great teacher Chris has a no BS attitude and will tell you like it is and will not sugarcoat things which I have often appreciated.

If you're looking for a new way to get your finances to the next level I would highly recommend Chris.”

Juan O

As an investor who seeks to maximize my ROI, I value Chris’s opinion when it comes to investing. He has helped me with many of my investment strategies. His knowledge and work experience as a Wall Street trader has paid me great dividends.

Also, as a friend of Chris’s, I know on a first-hand basis that he is truly passionate with helping people elevate their financial education. If you are serious about your financial future, in my personal opinion I recommend his services. It will positively impact your bottom line, as it has mine.”